Digimon Card Game – Great Legend Booster Box


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Digimon: The Card Game is a brand new TCG which lets players delve straight back into the world of Digimon.

Craft your decks and utilise all the familiar Digimon creatures to take on your opponents and emerge victorious!

Using a card system designed by Ryan Miller, players must raise and evolve their Digimon to work their way to victory. With original drawings from the series, these cards will let players reminisce and explore the familiar world of Digimon.

These booster boxes come from the Great Legend (BT04) release and provide an air of mystery, and allow players to discover cards outside of the starter decks and give you access to more powerful and rarer cards.

Each booster box contains 24 packs of cards with each pack containing 12 cards. There are 113 cards to collect and these cards will each fall into a card type. In terms of card types, you will have the chance to find 44 common cards, 30 uncommon, 26 rare, 12 super rare and 3 secret rare cards in each booster box.

In the booster box, you will also find a promo pack of 3 cards as well as a tamer card promo.

Unwrap some mystery cards and hope to score big with these Digimon Booster packs!


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